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David Boone



Montana Songwriter David Boone knows no boundaries. For over a decade now, Boone has continued to amaze with his ability to stay open and raw while simultaneously challenging new sounds and styles – song after song, album after album.  Having always expressed the importance of diversity within his music, the songwriter has fallen into the rhythm of releasing both broken down folk albums and carefully crafted rock albums together within a matter of months from each other.  Having independently released no less than 10 works of original material, his prodigious output doesn’t come at the expense of quality songwriting, as Boone seems to innately recognize how to develop music for the different idioms.   His two forthcoming projects have gained national/international attention by acclaimed producers, and he’s just getting started.


With a solid foot in the tradition of storytelling, David Boone effortlessly straddles the fence between folk and rock, without ever compromising originality or authenticity.  It’s David’s honesty, his transparency, that makes his work shine. Seeing Boone live is like stepping right into his personal diary where he openly explores doubts, beliefs, spirituality & romance with the weight that each deserves.   Sometimes humorous, sometimes philosophical, but always relevant, Boone is like poetry put to music–a true voice for the modern, wandering & wondering soul.