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‘Cowboy Family’

Sep 4th 2011 by Peter

Before we left for our trip, David, Stephanie and myself realized that none of us had really left the North West, let-alone Montana, for quite a stint of time; for me, it’d been three years.  When you stay put for long enough, you tend to get used to a certain lifestyle and way of living, and nothing puts that more into perspective than a little international travel.  We became entertainingly aware of this before even leaving the country, as we arrived in Denver and awaited our lift to Chicago before departing for London.

Our plane from Missoula to Denver had arrived late, leaving us sprinting around the Denver International Airport for a later flight, which luckily was only minutes away.  On our way to the gate, we pulled off to an information booth for directions, when we were passed by a man and his young child to our left.

‘You want to see something cool?’ the father asked his son.

‘What?!’ the son exclaimed, looking around anxiously to spot it before his father told him.

‘Look over there,’ the father said, pointing at David and his straw hat, ‘it’s a cowboy.’  The father then spotted the rest of us, Steph with the baby, and myself clad in flannel holding David’s weathered brown-leather guitar case.  ‘In fact, it’s a whole family of them.’

That being said, make sure to follow this ‘Cowboy Family’ along our journey through London.  We’ll be adding videos and posts as often as possible, so ya’ll stay tuned now, ya hear?